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Sell Your Business

Cover all your bases with thorough due diligence for smarter decisions in a sale, merger, or acquisition

CJMH Protects You Throughout The
Transaction Process

Sell Your Business, Merge,
Or Acquire Another Company
With Ease

No one likes surprises. That’s why CJMH works diligently to turn over every stone, advise you on potential red flags, and write clear documentation for your transaction. You’ll move into this next chapter with confidence in how your transaction was handled while minimizing your exposure to risk.

Due Diligence

Know what type of company you are merging with or acquiring by conducting thorough due diligence. Our team of expert M&A attorneys will quickly identify potential risks and propose practcal and enforceable solutions to ensure that you avoid unwelcome surprises after the deal closes.

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Negotiation And Drafting Of Transaction Documents

When you engage CJMH for your transaction, we work
diligently to represent your best interests throughout
the negotiation process. 

Once the agreement has been reached, we’ll ensure that the documentation accurately reflects the deal specifications and that your interests are protected. More importantly, we’ll take the time to clearly explain the deal terms so that you have a clear understanding of the transaction.

Sound Tax Strategies

Sale, mergers, and acquisitions involve a range of
tax implications regardless of your role in the
transaction. CJMH structures each and every
business transaction to minimize state and federal taxes.

Find The Right Attorney To Navigate
The Complex Transaction Process

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