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Commercial and business disputes can often go unresolved without the ability to reach a settlement. Litigation for these types of cases can be lengthy and expensive. Whether an employee has stolen sensitive information, or you’re looking to exit a business partnership, we will help resolve your dispute in the most cost-effective and discreet way possible.

Contract Disputes

Battling a breach of contract, partnership dispute, or another business-related disagreement? If mediation is unsuccessful, your case may require litigation. Our seasoned litigation attorneys can handle your case.

Trade Secret Disputes

When a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement has been breached, you need a team of attorneys who deal routinely with commercial and business disputes. Keep your trade secrets intact with firm legal counsel to defend you against theft.

Restrictive Covenant

As a business owner, you want to do everything possible to protect your company’s proprietary information. If you’re facing problems with a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement, you need the extensive knowledge of an experienced attorney on your side.

Business Division Disputes

Breaking free from a business partnership can be both difficult and exhausting. However, if you’re ready to move on, get your affairs in order with an accomplished commercial and business litigation firm that can handle the complexities of your case.

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