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Assessing the risk and potential reward of a bankruptcy claim can be a lengthy and challenging task. Ensure that your bankruptcy claim is documented correctly and that your voice is heard. We’ve helped creditors and commercial industry professionals through even the most technical and complex bankruptcy proceedings.

Creditor Representation
For Bankruptcy Claims

If you need assistance in asserting legal rights regarding a claim in bankruptcy, you need a seasoned professional on your side. Our legal team helps creditors minimize the risk of missing a possible recovery.

Automatic Stay Litigation

Are you seeking relief from the automatic stay to permit foreclosure of collateral or continue prepetition litigation?   We will work with you to assure your rights are protected and the appropriate relief is granted.

Adversary Proceedings

Allow our team to represent you in an adversary proceeding, including preferential transfers, fraudulent conveyances and efforts to determine a claim not dischargeable.

Purchasing Assets From

Our team can help you acquire assets from a bankruptcy estate free and clear of all claims of the debtor’s creditors. This process, called a 363 sale can be technically challenging and requires legal guidance from an expert attorney who specializes in bankruptcy.

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