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As a professional who has provided goods or services to a construction project of any size, you should be compensated accordingly. If a client has avoided paying you and your crew, don’t get lost in the technicalities. Assert your claim. Whether you’re fighting to challenge, remove or foreclose a lien, we can handle it.

Mineral Liens

Your company has worked on or completed a job on an oil and gas property, but you haven’t been paid. You must give proper notice to the owner of the property, meet the deadlines, and file the proper affidavits. Hire an experienced attorney for these essential steps to get your recovery.

Mechanics Or Materialmen’s Lien

As a construction worker or contractor, you should absolutely be paid for your work and contribution to any completed project. If you’re struggling to receive payment, appoint an experienced legal team to demand full compensation.

Construction Defect Claims

If you’re facing disputes regarding construction contracts, projects that have gone wrong, or even a combination of both, we’re here to help. Whether you’re a contractor, subcontractor, or owner, our team of experienced attorneys will take the challenge head-on and pursue a favorable resolution.

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