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Buying, selling, leasing, negotiating seismic agreements, and other transactions involving mineral interests. CJMH has you covered.

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Oil and gas transactions can quickly become complicated. We handle these types of matters with the utmost discretion while remaining responsive and proactive with each calculated move made to win your case. Our seasoned team of talented attorneys specializes in oil and gas matters.

Acquisition & Sale Of Mineral Interests

Before making a decision to buy or sell mineral rights,
we will help you understand each part of the process
– including analyzing the risks, informing you of your
options, and assisting where needed in your decision.

Negotiation &

The buying and selling process can easily become complicated and tedious. We meticulously track the entire transaction for oil and gas deals with careful attention to detailed documentation.

Exploration & Production Documentation

We will actively track and manage the legal
documentation of your project while handling any
new legal issues that impact your oil and gas transaction.

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