Selling a Company: Exit Strategies

Strategies for a Company Exit

Our experienced M&A attorneys help clients prepare for the sale of their companies, whether in the near or long term. In some cases, we first learn of a potential deal when a client receives an unsolicited expression of interest or letter of intent. With years of experience, we can rapidly advise a client about the opportunities and risks of a potential deal, despite the shorter time frame.

In many  cases, the client initiates the exit planning and takes a more methodical, proactive approach. This can take the form of a business succession plan for closely held companies looking at all available options including a management buyout, a bequest to the next generation, or sale process. In the latter case, the best choice is often for the client to engage a reputable investment banker and initiate an auction process for the sale of the company. 

By involving our team early, we can help select the investment banker, and get the company’s legal affairs in order before approaching would-be buyers. Also, with adequate lead time, we can provide meaningful tax counsel about both income and estate taxes.

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