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From buying and financing a property to managing and conducting lease terminations, there are many facets to being a profitable landlord. We help commercial landlords receive what they’re owed. Additionally, we handle complex oil and gas cases that require considerable knowledge of the industry and intense attention to detail and documentation.

Default And Eviction

It’s a challenge to hold your tenants to their agreement on your own. With a legal team who knows real estate law in your corner, receive everything you’re owed in a timely manner or evict a tenant who hasn’t paid.

Real Estate Title And Easement Disputes

If you’re having trouble defining or enforcing boundary lines, we can provide assistance to quickly resolve your easement or trespass issue.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure

CJMH ensures cost-effective solutions for banks,
creditors, and mortgagees in the event of
a non-judicial real estate foreclosure.

Surface Use And Well Damage Cases

Unclear on oil and gas law or mineral owners’ rights? Our expert attorneys can help you determine and enforce valuable rights in minerals or protect surface rights.

Royalty And Mineral Interest Owner Claims

Hire the legal team with a deep understanding of oil, gas, and mineral law so you can collect the proceeds of minerals when due.

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