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Starting a company involves many complex decisions that are not discussed in business school. You must navigate tax considerations, employment law, entity type, locations, and investment abilities. CJMH has a seamless process for identifying your vision and pairing it with a complementary corporate formation plan.

Entity Formation & Documentation

Early in the formation process, there are many decisions to make – starting with the entity type. CJMH educates you on the different types of entities – Sole Proprietorship, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Company, S Corp, C Corp, etc. – and how each impacts you operationally. Other decisions in the formation and governance documentation also must be made. Similarly, if you plan on operating in other states, it’s wise to explore any potential registration issues. Set a strong business foundation with professional legal guidance.

Shareholder & Owner Agreements

Every relationship needs a contract. Ensure everyone is on the same page with our qualified help. Create your corporate governance, general private shareholder issues, as well as shareholder and owner’s agreements with precision.

Capital Investment Transactions

Does your venture require outside financing? Whether you are receiving investments through structured private equity, venture capital, or traditional commercial lending, CJMH structures the deals to ensure your business is protected.

Tax Considerations

A new business can bring a host of new tax complications. With an expert team of tax law advisors, we’ll help consider all available options for minimizing your tax exposure.

Business Advice Through Life Of Entity

As operations continue, complex scenarios may arise that require legal advice. CJMH prides itself on providing informed operational guidance and expert legal counsel fueled by our own hands-on business experience. Partner with an attorney that knows your business thoroughly without the expensive overhead of having in-house counsel.

Transition Planning

Business transitions are inevitable. They could involve succession planning, an acquisition, joint venture, or strategic alliance. CJMH works with you closely, providing a smooth transition and minimizing your overall risk exposure in the process.

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