FTC Actions: Big Handbag Merger Blocked; Non-Competes Banned

It’s Lina Khan’s world and we are just living in it Federal Trade Commission chair, Lina Khan, has had a busy week. On Monday, the FTC sued to block the proposed merger of Coach and Michael Kors on the basis of antitrust law. Despite the diversified handbag industry, the suit contends that the merger would […]

Insights: Q1 M&A Results and Market Outlook

April 10, 2024 Q1 M&A Activity “M&A Is Expected to Pick Up in the coming year as Companies Adapt to Tougher Conditions.” This was the Wall Street Journal headline, predicting companies and investors would adjust to difficult market conditions, and M&A would thrive in the new year. The headline was written in January 2023. Instead […]